Meteora e-Bike Tours & Rentals

We offer unique eco-friendly e-bike experiences in Meteora. Whether you join us for a guided tour or rent an e-bike on your own, get ready to experience Meteora like never before!

Your Meteora adventure starts here!

meteora tours rentals ebike
meteora tours rentals ebike

Welcome to our Electric Bike Tour & Rental Shop!

A team of experienced local tour leaders are here to make your e-bike adventure unforgettable

Why choose us?

Discover Meteora’s beauty sustainably with our authentic, personalized tours, perfect for solo travelers or groups. Our commitment to eco-tourism and exceptional service ensures an experience you will never forget

Environmental Sustainability

Promoting and caring about the environment is of paramount importance to us

Premium Quality e-bikes

Our premium e-bikes are here to help you reach every peak of Meteora

Safety comes first

All necessary safery gear are included with every e-bike Tour or Rental

Reliable & Quality Service

We are committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectation

Explore Meteora through our Tours or Rentals

Feel the Meteora breeze by pedalling through the giant stones with centuries-old monasteries perched atop

Meteora e-Bike Tours & Rentals

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Are you looking for a super cool and exciting way to explore the stunning beauty of Meteora?


Welcome to our brand new shop offering e-bike tours and rentals in the stunning Meteora region!

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